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Rental Policies


RENTAL PERIOD: Each rental is for a maximum of four (4) days starting from the day of delivery/customer pick up. Rates for equipment are for time out not time used. No refunds will be issued for unused equipment.

PRICING & AVAILABILITY: Quotes do not guarantee availability of rental equipment. Quote prices are based on current availability of inventory and are subject to change. Item price does not include optional delivery/pick up or setup/break down charges. Equipment will be reserved only upon receipt of the signed rental agreement AND a 50% deposit (unless a credit account has been established with AFT). Final payment is due prior to delivery or customer pick up unless other arrangements have been noted. We recommend the final payment to be made after all items and item counts on the order have been finalized and confirmed.

REDUCTION IN FINAL EQUIPMENT COUNTS: Reduction in item counts can be made up to three (3) days before your delivery date. REMINDER - No refunds are given within 60 days of your event start date.

COUNT INCREASES/ "LAST MINUTE" ADDITIONS: Every effort will be made to accommodate requests to add available equipment to an order before a delivery. "Last Minute" additions (3 days or less notice) may be accommodated, but due to loading and delivery schedules, may not be able to be fulfilled with your original order. Additional trips to deliver or pick up equipment will be charged per trip.

ITEM VERIFICATION: Confirmation of equipment quantity is the responsibility of the CUSTOMER. Customers picking up items must verify that all items are received at the time of pick up. For deliveries, the customer is responsible for having a person on site to accept, check, and count the order. If you are unable to have someone on site, you will need to have the site marked indicating where the rental items are to be placed. Also, if no one is present, the customer agrees that the items delivered by the AFT staff are correct. The customer's signature on the delivery ticket indicates his full approval of quantity and quality of equipment delivered and service provided unless otherwise noted.

PERMITS: The customer is responsible for securing all required event and equipment permits prior to delivery and set up.


The customer is responsible for the security of the equipment from the time of delivery/customer pick up until time of pick up by our staff/customer return. Please be sure all equipment is secured when not in use and protected from the weather. Rental items (excluding tents) should not be left out in the rain.

Do not attach stickers, staples, or tape to rental items. A cleaning fee will be charged to remove these items.

Glassware, dishes, flatware, and other catering items must be rinsed free of food and debris before being returned. Glasses should be turned upside down and in proper racks. Dishes and flatware should be rinsed, separated by type, and placed back in the proper rack or container. An additional cleaning fee will be charged for any and all items left with food debris.

All linens should be shaken free of debris and placed in the red linen bag provided. If linens get wet, please let them air dry before putting them in the bag to prevent mildew. Return all hangers and skirt clips in the red bag also. All sashes must be untied before returning or you will be charged $0.50 per sash for us to untie them. Linen bags not returned will be charged a replacement fee of $5.00. Skirting clips not returned will be charged $0.50 per missing clip.

Tables and chairs must be folded up and re-stacked as they were delivered. If these items are not broken down and re-stacked, additional take down fees will be assessed per item.

 Tables $2.00 per table
Folding Chairs $0.75 per chair
Chiavari Chairs $1.25 per chair
Linens $0.50
Items on beach $200.00



Delivery and pick up service is available on all orders regardless of size and is charged by geographic location. All fees are based on first floor drop off during normal business hours with ease of accessibility by our staff and vehicles. You will need to provide AFT with the correct address and a point of contact for the day of delivery.

*If the delivery or pick up is on a military base, the customer is responsible for making sure we have access to enter the base and will provide a military escort if required.

Additional charges will occur for 2nd floor or higher delivery locations (if elevator is provided), excessive distances for loading and unloading trucks, specific delivery and pick up time windows, and after-hours delivery and pick up. Additional charges will apply if site is located 50 feet or more from where the truck can park.

*Note: Delivery trucks can be up to 12 feet high and 10 feet wide. DELIVERY FEES QUOTED MAY CHANGE AFTER SITE INSPECTION.

All items will be delivered and picked up at a designated location. The client should be available to count all items upon delivery and pick up; otherwise, the counts of the AFT staff will be considered accurate. If ALL equipment is not available at the time of pick up and we must come back for a second pick up, a second fee will be charged.


Orders are typically delivered 1-2 days in advance of your event while pickups may occur 1-2 days following your event. WE CANNOT GUARANTEE A SPECIFIC DELIVERY/PICKUP TIME. Specific delivery times are only available within a 2 hour window for an additional charge.

Set up and break down service for tables and chairs is available for an additional fee and must be scheduled prior to delivery. If you set up the equipment, it is also your responsibility to break it down and stack it as it was delivered where it was delivered.



UTILITIES: AFT will call 811  to have all under and above ground utilities (i.e. water, electric, cable, etc.) marked by Miss Utility or other proper authorities. Customer is responsible for marking any privately run utility lines.   Any utilities causing possible obstruction must be noted on the contract prior to set up or take down of equipment.  

SPRINKLERS: Any underground water or sprinkler systems should be marked prior to delivery.

PERMIT REMINDER: When installing a tent 901 square feet and above, a permit is required.

FIRE EXTINGUISHERS: Tents greater than 901 square feet must have at least one fire extinguisher with a minimum of a 4A rating or 2 fire extinguishers with a minimum of a 2A rating.

OBSTRUCTIONS: Keep access to the site open and easily accessible. The area must be clear of all personal items prior to delivery. If the equipment is going on a patio, all items must be removed from the patio prior to delivery. AFT crew will not move the customer's personal property.

PLACEMENT: The customer is responsible for having someone on site to direct the equipment placement. If no one is present, placement will be left at the discretion of AFT. Tents will not be relocated once set up has begun. Do not move the tent or remove sidewalls once installed.

DELAYS: Tents, dance floors, and staging will not be relocated after set up has begun. Any delays resulting from the customer's failure to provide unobstructed access or space for erection, placement, or disassembly of leased equipment will result in additional charges of $35.00 per man per hour.

TAKE DOWN PREPARATION: All personal items and trash must be removed from under the tent before the scheduled pick up time.


DAMAGE WAIVER: For security against damaged items, a non-refundable damage waiver of 10% will be added to all orders. The damage waiver protects the customer from replacement costs for returned items that are damaged, broken, or soiled items that will not come clean. The damage waiver does not protect against loss, theft, misuse, or negligence of items. The customer may decline the damage waiver. If the customer declines the damage waiver, the customer is responsible for any repair and/or replacement costs determined by AFT and a current and active credit card will have to be on file to cover these costs. The customer will be charged for any and all lost items that are not returned. We will offer a grace period of 5 business days prior to charging the customer.

SALES TAX EXEMPT CUSTOMERS: Customer must provide Virginia State Sales Tax Exemption certificate at execution of contract to qualify for exemption.

CANCELLATION AND REFUND POLICY: Rates for equipment are for time out not items used. No refunds will be issued for unused equipment. A sixty (60) day written notice is required to cancel your order and receive a full refund of your deposit. If your event is cancelled for any reason within sixty days of the event, the deposit is forfeited.   Once your contract is signed there is a 40% non refundable cancellation fee on all tents.  .   We recommend the final payment to be made after all items and item counts on the order have been finalized and confirmed as there are no refunds on monies paid within 60 days of the event start.

CANCELLATIONS DUE TO WEATHER: Refunds will not be issued if the event is cancelled due to weather conditions. AFT cannot be responsible for weather conditions that may delay or prevent the set up of your event. AFT reserves the right to decline or delay delivery/pickup or set up/breakdown of any equipment due to inclement weather such as, but not limited to, lightening, high winds, or extreme rain. AFT will not set up equipment outside if a severe weather or high wind warning is in place.You may reschedule your event for up to one (1) year from the original event date. If you do not use your credit within one year of your originally scheduled event date, your credit will no longer be valid.

USE OF LEASED PROPERTY: Leased property shall be used in compliance with all laws, regulations, and rules as set forth by federal, state, and city governments and if applicable, the site property owner. If leased equipment must be removed due to failure to observe such laws/regulations, there will be no refund or credit and additional fees may be applied.

LIABILITY: The customer is responsible for the care and use of the rental equipment and assumes all risks inherent in operation and use of these items. The customer agrees to assume responsibility for any damage to rental equipment or bodily injury resulting from use, misuse, operation, or possession of the rental equipment. The customer is responsible, and holds AFT harmless, for any and all loss, claims, or liability for damage or injury to person, stock, or property or death of any person or stock occurring after the erection of the leased structures. AFT has the right to enforce the terms of this contract in the Virginia courts. The customer agrees that the law of The Commonwealth of Virginia shall control all determinations made pursuant to this contract.

The customer's signature on the contract indicates his/her full understanding and acceptance of our terms and conditions.